Awesome Loki Quotes

Quote from The Avengers (2012) - Loki: Enough! You are, all of you, beneath me! I am a god, you dull creature. And I will not be bullied by... (Hulk smashes him in the floor) Hulk: Puny god.

Loki: Hello, Bruce.

Bruce Banner: Last time we saw you, you were trying to kill everyone. What are you up to these days?

Loki: It varies from moment to moment.

Loki: Oh, dear. Is she dead?

Steve Rogers: What’s the matter? Scared of a little lightning?

Loki: I’m not overly fond of what follows.

[Hulk grabs Thor and flattens him with repeated smashes into the floor]

Loki: [cheers] YES! That’s what it feels like!

Loki: [to the Grandmaster] I’m just a big fan of the sport.

Thor: You listen well, brother.

Loki: I’m listening.

Loki: I am Loki of Asgard, and I am burdened with glorious purpose.

Loki : Kneel before me. I said, KNEEL!

[Loki stamps his scepter on the ground, causing a shockwave that intimidates the crowd into silence as they all kneel before him] 

Loki : Is not this simpler? Is this not your natural state? It’s the unspoken truth of humanity, that you crave subjugation. The bright lure of freedom diminishes your life’s joy in a mad scramble for power, for identity. You were made to be ruled. In the end, you will always kneel.

[Referring to Odin]

Loki: I swear I left him right here.

Thor: Right here on the sidewalk, or right there where the building is being demolished? Great planning.

Loki: How was I supposed to know? I can’t see into the future. I’m not a witch.

Thor: No? Then why do you dress like one?

Loki: Hey!

Loki: I have been falling, for thirty minutes!

Thor: Hey, let’s do “Get Help.”

 Loki: What?

 Thor: “Get Help.”

 Loki: No.

 Thor: Come on, you love it.

 Loki: I hate it.

 Thor: It’s great. It works every time.

 Loki: It’s humiliating.

 Thor: Do you have a better plan?

 Loki: No.

 Thor: We’re doing it.

 Loki: We are not doing “Get Help.”

 [we see Thor carrying Loki out of the elevator] 

 Thor: Get help! Please! My brother, he’s dying. Get help! Help him!

 [as the guards approach them, Thor throws Loki at them, knocking them down] 

 Thor: Classic.

 Loki: Still hate it. It’s humiliating.

 Thor: Not for me, it’s not.

[back in the ship Thor continues to frantically press every button to start the ship]

 Loki: You must have missed something.

 Thor: I didn’t, I’m pressing every button on this thing.

 Loki: No, don’t hit it, just press it gently.

 [as he hits the buttons]

 Thor: I am pressing it gently. It’s not working!

 [suddenly the ship comes to life, Thor laughs; outside the ship Volstagg is overrun by the guards and he starts laughing as they watch the ship start to rise, hitting the columns of the palace]

 Loki: I think you missed a column.

 Thor: Shut up!

 [finally the ship breaks through the palace walls and takes off]

Loki : It hurts, doesn’t it? Being lied to. Being told you’re one thing and then learning it’s all a fiction.

[Thor throws an object at Loki, revealing him to be an illusion] 

Loki : You didn’t think I’d really come and see you, did you? This place is disgusting. Does this mean you don’t want my help? Look, I couldn’t jeopardize my position with Grandmaster, it took me time to win his trust. He’s a lunatic, but he can be amenable. What I’m telling you is, you could join me at the Grandmaster’s side. Perhaps, in time, an accident befalls the Grandmaster, and then…


Thank You Friday, It’s About Time

Enjoy two dog videos of Key that will make you smile and laugh! I love waking up knowing that I’ll have a video to look forward to on YouTube! And apparently, Key’s new love is toast. But he still loves his waffles. Enjoy! 🙂 Have a great weekend!

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Happy Almost Weekend/Random Video

Hey everyone!

Happy almost weekend! I know I’m a little late with this video, but I started watching The Flash a couple weeks ago and love it! Barry Allen is such an adorable nerd with an awesome smile! Down below is a video of when Felicity first met Iris and I can’t stop laughing. I love how Barry is so cute and adorable in this video. I always thought having Felicity and Barry date for a while before Iris was a great idea. I thought the chemistry was amazing. I also liked the idea of Barry and Caitlin, but none of that ever happened. Anyway, enjoy the video! 🙂